Exigo Finland GCC business merging to KOVA PMC

Kova PMC Oy is the leading Middle East Expert to serve Finnish and Nordic clients in GCC markets in Project- and Business Development. Kova focuses on fast growing sectors in the GCC such as Renewables, Energy, Circular Economy, Waste Management, Food Security & Agri-Tech, Technology & Digitalization, Hydrogen, Process and Infrastructure technologies. After the

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Indoor Air Quality expertise from Finland

The Finnish Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe is an open cooperation platform that bridges all parties of the building’s lifecycle. IAQe was launched in early 2018 to meet the need for an active cooperation platform for indoor air companies that generated from the health impacts of clean indoor air and high expertise found from Finnish companies.

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Indoor Vertical Farming will revolutionize agriculture

New technologies is helping to grow local food in the cities.

Finnish company Netled has developed unique turn-key Vertical Farm that can be combined to heat recovery system.  Integrated lighting, led cooling and recovered heat together turns vertical farm from energy eater into energy creator.

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Intelligent battery solutions from Finland

Finnish company BAMOMAS is offering intelligence to industrial battery fleets. Bamomas digital solutions provides remote battery condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, optimal battery,  fleet usage guidance, and condition-based intelligent pricing methods.

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