Cooperation between Asian Insiders and EXIGO Finland

The Managing Partners at Asian Insiders are pleased to announce our most recent addition to the Partners network.

Ms Nina Eriksson, principle at EXIGO Finland, has been appointed Associate Partner commencing immediately and with specific responsibility for developing business between the Middle East and Asia.  Ms Eriksson has particular expertise in clean energy and the circular economy along with industrial and smart city solutions. She brings to Asian Insiders over 20 years of executive experience, 14 of these at the helm of EXIGO Finland, including having spent seven years most recently in the UAE.

Ms Eriksson’s appointment adds further depth and experience to Asian Insiders, the most comprehensive single service consultancy for Asian market entry and channel development available to European and Western companies.

EXIGO Finland

Exigo Finland is a leading consultancy bringing visionary Finnish research, development and expertise to focus projects in the Middle East and Asia. Exigo Finland connects state-of-the-art innovation to projects in cleantech and clean energy solutions, the circular economy and advanced smart-city developments.

With particular experience in the UAE and other Middle Eastern markets, Exigo Finland delivers project management, business development and finance solutions to selected projects in key centres in the Middle East and Asia. Exigo Finland works through an extensive network of technical, trade and finance connections including Asian Insiders.

Nina Eriksson, Director

Asian Insiders

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